unhinged because this look i feel in my eyes has been known to scare people 090210
. because I know my value to you. 090210
unhinged away from her petulant arms folded
the way she reached out
to ruffle your hair
grab your hand

because we hate each other
me and her
jealous of what the other
has with you
but i'm now rendered meaningless
since he's never felt the desire
to sleep with me

i keep my eyes cast down
to hide the hate
raging and broken aloneness
that borders on tears
way too often
unhinged i currently lack the energy for walking
let alone pretending
not found We should cast our eyes upward or else we might miss others like ourselves. You know the ones with passion and emotion also in their eyes. I myself was told that I have really intense eyes that speak loudly. I was often accused of giving "that look". She secretly loved it but wanted her lover to look at her as I did, and after awhile I had to learn to suppress my soul. I guess somethings are just better left unsaid.

I feel so muted now in all of this suppressive pretending. Like I have been asked to hide who I am and that doesn't feel so free. I loved that rising and falling sensation that used to fill my chest when I looked at her. It takes far too much energy withholding that which is only natural.
unhinged so i don't slip on the ice
black and insidious
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unhinged eye_contact has once again proven to be dangerous 130426
unhinged i couldn't look you in the eye
your sadness would have started a chain_reaction
i would have wept

which has always been something
i have been ashamed of
(i was told i cried too much as a child)
as an adult
it's something i prefer to do in private
what's it to you?
who go