charley is sooo kewl. 980907
angelea a hunk, a hunk a burning love. he is soooo sexy! watch out girls. 980917
kat is my school mascot 990405
leslie has landed.

fly like an...
(anyone think it's funny how that's now the u.s. post office's jingle?)
nullspace wrecked his car!! bad eagle :( 990915
me? The eagle may soar, but the weasel never gets sucked into a jet engine. 991111
saraheagle is my middle name. my whole life, i wanted to have a beautiful name and now i do. yay! 991230
* Is the single reason why I don't think 'bird' is a derogatory term towards women. Eagles are cool, birds are cool. 000105
lamename i once had a math teacher named Mr. Eagle. I always had this little crush on him. 001225
Annie111 Today, we were sitting outside and they were playing hackey-sack, and we saw an eagle in the sky. And I went upstairs with you to get your camera and I imagined I was holding your hand. When we got back, the eagle was too far away, so a bunch of us stood against the wall and jumped all at once so you could take a stop-action photo. There were some amusing comments but you were smiling so I guess I didn't hear them. 011128
ClairE The national bird.

I am too touched by Annie's blathe to say anything cool.
pontifier you eat them on Thanksgiving day 011211
green eyes he will rasie you up
on EAGLES wings
bare you on the breath of dawn
and make you shine like the sun
and hold you in the palm of his hand
ex-choirboy "BEAR you on the breath of dawn"

you know..like "carry"
andru235 i was soaring
in the atmos

no, not stooping,
i dove to dine
was it a rat i saw?
i ate the rat

you laughed,
ha ha, you mocked,
he eats rats.
what a scuzbag,
you thought.
so i flew away.

you saw me eat a rat,
but do not see me fly,
you are not looking,
you wouldn't believe me if i told you,
you cannot see what you will not believe.

you know i eat rats,
you use this to cast me
into disrepute.
it would kill your understanding
to know how i have soared,
and soar yet again.
what's it to you?
who go