Dafremen You can eat caterpiggles you know. At least that's what they say.

Course, I'm not sure how I'd get those little legs apart..or which ones to spread if I could.
magicforest whore, I love you 031026
argot you can also drink your own urine 031026
pipedream aiieeeeee his eyebrowwwssss!!!! daf got realistic optimist's eyebrowwsss!!!!

*shrieks madly and runs around in true greek tragedy fashion*
realistic optimist it's all right i have a whole pawketfull 031026
pipedream *stops running around*

really? i'll need proof, though...*winks lasciviously*
realistic optimist *does his best bob barker impression*
well reach on in there and see what you find!
pipedream *giggles and tries to look mysterious*

will it be worth my while, you hunky hunk of mister man?

*smothers another giggle*
realistic optimist well it depends on what you are looking for, and whether you are able to get over things being different than you expect enough to be in the moment when it happens, i suppose. i mean i wonder what those contestants on the price is right expected to find in bob barker's pocket when they reached in there...

you know some caterpiggles are poisonous, and some are merely morphing. and some arent caterpiggles at all, just look-alikes. so it will be like any grab bag i suppose: it takes a lot of faith, a playful nature, and some luck, but a lot of times you wind up with a bag full of stuff you never knew you couldn't live without.


er, uh, that is to say.. why of course placing your hand in my pocket is the most worthwhile endeavor upon which you can embark, for i am a hunka hunka mistar man with a pocket full o' caterpiggles!
pipedream hahhaha
in that case....

*fishes around in pocket and pulls out...*
a really long handkerchief in different colours
a frank sinatra CD
a twix bar
a lilac caterpiggle that scrunches up its face at me and says 'oiii' whinily
a sparkly google-eyes hairband
a squished square of starburst
some string
a little toy wind-up ferrari, orange

gee, you *were* right!
Dafremen dibs on the wind-up ferrari! 031102
pipedream hmm..okay, since you're funny
*hands it over*
rememer to honour its spirit by making 'vroom vroom' noises when you run it.
daf vroom vroom! 031130
pipedream *pulls out her mini monster truck*

i challenge thee to chicken!
what's it to you?
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