florescent light The best part of the evening
wasn't you
or the bowl of pasta in front of me
It wasn't the boring conversation
or the candle flame
But it was the bubbles
winding wistfully in my champagne
intoxicated grendel rising in perfect little collumns in the narrow flute 010421
lost bursting as they hit my tongue on the way down to my stomach where they will slowly intoxicate me * swings up bottle of mojave red and lets it pour down throat* hic! 010807
baby satan walk up and down the stairs blowing bubbles. fall down the stairs, still blowing bubbles. sprawled out on the floor, face covered in bubbles. yum! 010808
yummyC i like touchable bubbles.
so magical!

and edible bubbles.
yum yum.
the hotcheeks bubbles are round and bouncy and fall from the grond and bounce from the roof and tubble in masses down my neck, into my stomach, suffocating my everythought to make everything seem okay again and round and hollow and light and empty so theres nothing left in the world except empty stupid bubbles down my neck 020310
fairydust give you gas 020311
celestias_shadow i floated away
watching the world through my translucent floor
and walls
and i saw
how small everything looks
from the inside of a bubble
The hotcheeks Why are the bubbles baffling?
This bubbles baffle me to death.
They baffle the very fairy liquid which they arise from, they are nothing and mean nothing and feel nothing.
some are big important bubbles and some are stupid tiny ones you can simply pop without even feeling bad for killing a bubble.
carlyhotcheeks Bubbles used to be so much more fun when you were 10 and you always had some barbie bubblebath or at least some sort of disney character and you could play with your barbies but now all youve got is shower gel. its so depressing. 040126
u24 fizz. 040714
carlynadya bubble bubble bubble 050520
falling_alone i caught some bubbles in the palm of my hand
with showtunes in the background
i don't think she knew how much joy this would bring me
then i look down and there they are
never popped
they rest on the ground
falling_alone i just had to blow some out the door 060322
Between spring and summer? Why can't there be a season where bubbles fall and collect on the ground? 071114
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