MollyGoLightly I like him more than Spiderman, and definitely more than Superman. He's a very modern kind of hero, you know. Neurotic man with abandonment issues who dresses like a flying rodent and fights crime. And very often does the wrong thing.

I suppose that, in a perfect world, he and Catwoman would have overcome their differences and been best friends.
amorfus Bam!! Kapow! Biff!! Smack!! 000602
moonshine fear and lizards in Las vegas 000602
daxle batman + evil = love 000610
grendel Holy Fist_Kittens , Batman!" 000611
birdmad my favourite line from a song (can't remember the name of the song, but the group was called Black Grape)

"Jesus was a Black man
Jesus Christ was Batman
-Oh No, No - That was Bruce Wayne"
somebody i am batman, always have been, although i've never been in a fight. then again, i've never come across a super villain, so i'm not exactly in high demand...but if i'm needed, maybe i'll take it up again... 000728
splinken the boy's eyes flitted from the comic to my boobs, and back again.

he doesn't know that i'm getting aquainted with batman to satisfy my own sick curiosity, that it has nothing to do with making quiet boys think i'm cool.

frank miller is the shit.
Barrett Green Lantern would kick his ass! 001009
why I am you batman is so awesome! i love how every character really belongs in a mental ward instead of a main character on the film for one reason or other. It's cray man 010114
black-dyed gel product Batman beat the hell out of me and knocked me to the floor
Then I got back up and knocked him to the floor
He was being such a jagoff

---Wesley Willis "I Whupped Batman's Ass"
cheer-up-emo-kid batman is the sexiest superhero ever. EVER. 020528
phil I just don't see it, Batman, Bruce Wayne, what's the connection? 020528
cheer-up-emo-kid holy fishsticks batman,
batman is my favorite superhero ever. I like him as much as I like jim_morrison.
batman is one of the most real superheroes. he doesnt have any powers and the reason he fights crime is to avenge the death of his parents. he is also very sexy. too bad ben_affleck is such a crappy actor, he would make a good batman.
he has the chin.
phil today 020729
Kristopher Moltar: "Hey, Tansit, did you hear? Bruce Wayne is Batman!"

Tansit: "Huh, you think you know a guy. . ."
oldephebe The Dark Knight rules! 030903
Alejandro Ever wonder what he did in the batcave with the boy wonder? 031214
jennifer sister of xerox (who is now a boy) 040308
russell spiderman kicks his ass cuz spiderman has webbing

question_mark Batman is the sexiest superheroe ever, sometimes i dream I'm riding around in the bat-mobile with him... 050303
?is it just me? why does it look like sometimesi is one word 050303
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