sab i love how they play american football in space marine armour

it's kind of like watching bloodbowl
without the gobbos, trolls and death count.

which is what makes bloodbowl so cool.
except it's a board game.

that was how the table_boy sucked me in
he had it on computer.


i forget my point.

i'm begining to suspect
there might not

have been one
noname american football is not good. you should play REAL football. you know. soccer of whatever you call it in the US of A. it's so much better than running round looking like something out of a castle siege. blackburn rovers are the best!!!

no actually they are not but I support them anyway. Chelsea have too much money with that stupid Russian mafia guy, Roman Ibranovich. Mancheater United are just scumbags who everybody hates. Blackburn were playing Man Utd last week and our bus got brickes by the bastards. there was glass everywhere. even in my face!!! Arsenal are an ok team but they do cheat quite a lot. I have to agree though, that Tierry Henry is the best player in the Premiership. Liverpool have no chance. just a bunch of scousers. Gerard Houllier has just been sacked or something today because Liverpool did shit. As if they were going to come higher than 4th anyway! My loyalty lies with the Rovers. Down with Burnley. They are our arch rivals even though they are in the First Division and Blackburn are in the Premiership. Ha HA. they wear claret and blue and everyone hates them. Bolton Wanderers are also idiots. I live in there and i have to endure their taunts every day of my life. Well. When Blackburn rise again, I will be the one laughing. ME.

Sorry, brief lapse of sanity there. Sorry also if you didn't understand a word of what i said back there. if you didn't then you are probably American. I've got nothing against the Americans but I don't like George W. Bush. He is a gay warmongerer. if you have just read what i have written then i pity you. if you didn't read it then you should have done. Goodbye, and i will see you soon!!!!!!!!!!!!
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