smileygirl I have a new boyfriend now. And I'm rather enamored by him. He's sweet and kind and caring. He makes me feel happy, and feel great about myself. And he's a great kisser. I'm twitterpated. 040309
pipes awwww 040310
misstree keep combing over the email
inviting him to a day on the town
because i'm on a couch, and he's on a farm,
and there's a museum and some art and
even if we can't go out to the bars
or sleep next to eachother,
i still so very much want
to walk around with him
and just drink in
that smell.

and i flutter just thinking of it,
and i keep combing over that email,
hunter cum blushing_bride
and i'm not scared,
not yet,
the train hasn't gotten up to speed yet,
so i'll drink this cherry_blossom stretch
and it's the finest kind of drunk
and each poke at the email
is a blush and a smile
and a present
a butterfly.
unhinged i never EVER trust this feeling 050823
unhinged every time the sun shines it reminds me of him

how disgusting is that?
Dew Drop Inn [amorous clamourousness] 070331
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