misty That day was incredible. I sat on the floor next to the couch where you lay, and you drew me closer and asked for a kiss. And we did. And when I drew away, you were trembling. 000330
Raina And so as our heroine drove away from another late night rendevous, she could not focus on her vehicle navivagtion due to the slight shaking in her legs.

As she tensed and flexed her overworked calf muscles, she smiled, pleased at the episode that played out before her.
Anxiously awaiting summer re-runs.

"Next Bat Time, Next Bat Channel" she whispered, steering her chariot home....
. I can't spell worth a damn.... hmmph. 001012
bijou "i cant, you're trembling."

yeah.. i'm fucking scared!
.love. shake

soon, i'll just lay down and die
thank you.
mahayana air 020417
god pogs 020620
jorge A finger tip nearly touches, nearly heats me. A nail almost scratches, almost contacts me. Two lips nigh kiss me, nigh are mine. And I am trembling. Touch me, heat me, scratch me, contact me, kiss me, be mine. 021030
that girl over there just the mere anticipation of sex causes me to tremble anddddddd feeling your fingers trailing over my skin...the moment before your lips close around a hard nipple...the feeling of your hand sliding downward, downward...the sensation of your breath on my thighs (it's enough to make me scream)...watching you position yourself on top of me...hearing that indistinguishable moan as you initially slide in...the physical sensation of you upon initial entry...when you slowly and gently slide out after it's all done and over.

mmmmmmmm, it's all tremble-worthy!
BonTon Heart pumping arteries, overloading veins until in exasperation and in great release I let it go. Watch me tremble as you lean close and brush your lips against my brow.
Watch the tears course down my face as you say goodbye and my knees knock as the bus pulls up.. my first day at school.
u24 I wouldn't say I yearn for it, but I do miss it. The unsure excitement, breaking boundaries. Not knowing if you want it, if you're feeling the same as I do. The trembling. 140426
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