amy the winter in the northwest is just plain wet. not frozen; wet, wet, wet. today was very very wet. but, while sitting by a window on the bus today, the sky got lighter, broke up- and looking behind my irish eyes saw an arc-to-arc rainbow imprinted in the sky. i made sure to point it out to my neighbors on the bus, they said how 'bout that? and i said how 'bout that. and then that was it. it was rainy and dark not an hour later. 991217
meli I always open my window as wide as possible when there's a storm, so some of the rain and wind will come into my room. I love thunder and lightning.

They also make me really horny. Is that a normal thing?
Q surely,
heat and electricity
silentbob storms and scary movies get her heart pumping and her skin crawling, closer to me where i can hold her. 000716
grendel The clouds gather
and the wind stirs

The rain-starved city and the storm like two long-estranged lovers

we sit here with our cigarettes
the smoke twisting and curling toward heaven like a prayer

the scent of nitrous earth, the moisture rising from the soil to the sky
desire's offering
like a tenuous kiss

will the barometer sink?
will her defenses fall?

will the clouds and rain come to offer their respite?

or must we still hide from the cruel desert sun?

this is my prayer for rain
startfires i used to have dreams about tornadoes when i was little. i wasn't scared, i was happy because this was the real thing. every time i thought, "this is the real thing." but it never was 001005
girl_jane They're quite fun to play in. Thunder storms anyway-I can't wait until the summer gets here. 020317
bethany running to the front porch knowing Papa would be there to tell me old boating stories, coz the rain reminded him of those raging seas
he taught me how to be peaceful with anything raging around
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