auto cross reference system Like god's duck.

See and.
ClairE wheel
got to go round
reitoei round and round and back to where we started from! 011228
silentbob Spinning on that dizzy edge i kissed her neck i kissed her edge thinking of all the ways i loved to make her glow. Why are you so far away she said 011228
Toxic_Kisses "I'm so dizzy my head is SpinninG- like ah whirl pool it never ends, and it's you girl making me spin 011229
little idiot round and round like a timemachine, with mysterious force. 011229
geezis leprechauns 020701
when darkness falls hold my hands and we'll spin until we're dizzy. then we'll fall down and i'll kiss you and you'll kiss me. 020719
socialretard until the dizziness is all i crave..
and faces become a blur one by one.
my emotions are numbed one by one.
dizziness sought is freedom gained,
is sadness gained.
is another face, another name.
another lie to myself, that i can give myself up.
blown cherry My head keeps getting faster and faster, faster and and faster and then faster still. I can't control it, I can't handle it, it won't be contained.
And the world passes so slow around me, too slow for my foaming and fizzing mind to keep up with, but my head is too fast - for me.

It's going to break and spray it's contents accross the earth unless it can somehow be slowed, slowed enough so I can see.
Richard Brautigan spinning like a ghost on the bottom of a top,
i'm haunted by all the space that
i will live without you
april n spiralling. 040131
phil I'm talking about turning around.
Turning your body to the left, turning your body to the right.
Takes you a second to turn all the way around.
Just can't go spinning round and round and round.
Have to slooow it down.
lou_la_belle the swirling
went by so slow
my heart matched yours.
we spun about together
lost to all around
making our own world.
it was innocent,
but real.
i kissed your lips gently
overcome with happiness
as we spinned
gently around
my basement room.
it was flooded with sun
do you remember it?
do you even remember me?
i want to have that simplicity back...
xyz this could be heaven
save the nausea
what's it to you?
who go