The Schleiffen Man That's me! 000731
grendel does whatever a schleiffen can
(but i've already said that)
Thanatos How nice, another quick witted American. If only his sarcasm could strike a little more deeply and use some things that were a little more obscure. 001209
thomas jefferson that'd be too much work! i'd have to enslave a negro to do it for me! 001209
The Schleiffen Man damn straight i'm a quick witted american... if you don't like it, you can kiss my american-presidential-boof-up ass.... 001209
mystery narrator (monacle pops out as UPPITY BRITON gasps in well rehearsed astonishment.)

uppity briton-
"uuhhhhh, my word good man cheerio and tally-ho! what has gotten into you?? you had better end this vulgar behaviour at once or i shall have to be forced to raise my voice!"
sleepyconnie i like all that you sed in Beautiful. 011105
ever dumbening rather than clutter up ask_grendel, i'll place my (notice the qualifier) opinion here.

why don't all the people who used to make blather so fucking great just come back and make it great again?

yes, i hate much of the drivel that happens here (including rants like this, and the questions that prompt them). but i just write what i write, be it irreverent or reflective, and i think at least of modicum of it is worthy of the holy ancient city of blathers past.

so either get over yourself and go away, or get your creativity back here and start fucking writing.

Maker's Mark bottles and The Joy
Line the cornice, watching
Acrylic - whole and cut and powdered - clutters
Sand smoothed glass and lies lie about
And my day reaches the middle
The Buddha spoke of

(just so it wasn't completely a rant. and by the way, no hate intended, bro, just get your ass back here and start writing. sheesh.)
ever dumbening ever editing ps. paragraph 3 should've also said that there are plenty of great things being written, in many styles, by plenty of people around here. without that addendum, it sounded a little self-serving, sorry. 020815
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