fallen one...apart from the rest 010125
twiggie i'd rather be alone, than with 2 other people who are ignoring me and don't realize it. gradually over the years it's built up.
it's something i choose, i can only be around people for so long before i need to have some time to myself.
i feel so abnormal.
everyone else i know needs to get out of the house.
they need to be with friends.
what's wrong with me
chanaka leave me alone
did you ever think that there is a reason i don't want to go out?
i don't see the need to go and get plastered every day and night of the weekend.
i am fucked up enough without booze
j_blue see: hell 010126
teran666 what is it to be alone?...i don't think i've been alone for my whole life...i have wished sometimes that i could be, but there's always that voice that talks to me...why?...the best i can get is be around others so that voice will spend it's time analyzing others and leave me to my thoughts...i'm not schitzo...i'm just not one person... 010201
starbound A familiar feeling engulfs me.
I'm chasing spirits again . . .

The spirit of love, it eludes me,
A hopeless cause fading away.
The spirit of family dying,
We talk but have no words to say.
My history losing its bearings,
No more than three years to my past.
I'm dreading the final desertion,
When there's no one for me to hold fast.

The spirit communicates madly,
Needing only a voice on the phone.
The spirit is walking alone now,
And looking for somewhere called home.
The silence preys heavy upon me,
Whispers that hurt and confuse.
I was there when it finally mattered,
But for you I am yesterday's news.

The spirit of solitude leaving,
Sensing his work here is through.
The spirit is losing the battle,
Seeing life with a fatalist view.
I reach out and talk in the ether,
Try to find all the right words to say.
The silence is louder than ever,
Press delete and switch off, turn away.

I throw myself into the tumult,
An attempt to forget and erase.
In the hope that occasional moments
Will light all the inbetween days.
Can I do this forever? I wonder.
Can I find how to cope on my own?
The weeks and the months they continue
And the spirits still find me alone.

A familiar feeling engulfs me.
I'm chasing spirits again . . .
mikey alone is like depression. often they go hand in hand. for me its the ultimate enigma. its like a riddle i just cant figure out..its on the tip of my tongue but i just...cant.....say it.

i hate being alone. most times i think i could solve it myself but i cant do it. the worst part of being alone is when others say things like "gosh your so cute why arent girls all over you" "gosh your so sweet" "well your such a gentlemen" yes if only life were so simple. the people who say these things are either ignorant or fake and trying to get you to shut up.

i hate nobody in this world. but i hate being alone. hell im ready to cry right now. sometimes it feels like im walking through life when i should be running. like i cant catch up to everyone else. often feels like everyone doesnt care if i do catch up.

alone to me is walking or driving on or by the beach i live by...and wishing i had someone next to me to share it with.

alone is watching a couple fight and argue and wishing i at least had someone to fight and argue with.

alone is staring out your window on a rainy day and wishing lightening would crash down right there on the end of your nose and make it all go away.

alone is sitting here right now typing this with tears in my eyes wishing for change. i would say hope but i have negative views on hope.

some say people who are lonely or depressed are weak. i say stand in my shoes for 5 minutes and see how weak you are.

life is always a double edged blade. sometimes i wish the blade would finish me off instead of letting me waste away into this abyss of a hell hole we call life.

thank goodness for poetry. things like blather.

in my life i have few friends. i should consider myself blessed that my friends really are FRIENDS. but yet all are far away. all my dearest friends are online. just once id love to get a or give a REAL FUCKING HUG and not a :::::hug::: or xoxoxoxox.

i get tired of meeting the most amazing people but always so far away. worse yet is falling in love with someone far away. i dont know whats worse having nobody or having someone but you cannot hold them. you cannot touch them. smell them.
brown cardigan boy like i am right now, and that reflection on the screen is staring back just as blank. alone is when you've realized everyone has turned and left you because they thought you needed some time to think things through. but really all those people who said they were your friends wouldn't have let you down that way. that's the worst. right now i have that beestung confusion like someone stuffed cotton in my ears and i don't know what to do.
a phone call. one decision that is so trivial is the one that is the hardest.
soia you aren't just alone
you can be happy and alone
you're lonely
and you've pretty much described why
so I have this to say:
the more you accept yourself, the more others will accept you
nocturnal easier said than done. I feel ya, mikey, I think most blatherers do. otherwise we'd talk about these kinds of things with actual people rather than faceless names on a screen. I also couldn't agree more that people only make things worse when they try to make you feel better. Like, when they say, I bet tons of guys want you, they're just too shy to show it. right, every guy for almost 19 years now has just been too shy to express the slightest genuine interest in me beyond some drunken random hook-up? sure, that makes sense. 010306
mikey i think if i had a penny for every time i heard something like what you hear Noct' id be rich!

hmm maybe i should collect a penny if i do hear it "oh HEY pardon um do you have a penny" each time they say it!
mikey gonna post this on blue somewhere to. most of my poems are me being alone. here is one.

Broken glass falls
Upon the feet
Of those who walk alone

A rose pedal falls
Into the chaos
That which is my home

It creeps and stalks
Onto the docks
The mind begins to groan

Have you wisdom
Unreachable shadow
To soften this path of woe

Whats worse then the riddle
Is being in the middle
The answer will never be known
Aimee somedays I like being alone.
somedays I need to be alone.
somedays I shouldn't be alone.
somedays I am alone.
somedays I am happy
Today is one of those days
birdmad One a.m.
i could have gone out
didn't want to

i'm hallucinating
not sight or sound
but a scent
a cologne other than my own

i'm thinking someone i know
--someone far from here--
is not alone tonight
(unfortunately, i can't ask that question as it would be well out of bounds)

a night like this...
silentbob Whenever I'm alone with you
You make me feel like i am whole again
fallen circumstance default
...and sometimes even by choice

...but always
silentbob don't words on blather look so sad when you press 'from' and it just says

'emotional is alone'
'dashboard_confessional is alone'
'katie is alone'
silentbob and it doesn't make much difference if the only word they appear in is 'alone' 011009
pralines&cream It's 12:20 a.m. now, and I feel like such a blather loner. Red is dormant till tomorrow it feels like, and blue is moving soooooo slowly. I have reason to sleep, at least. Nighty-night. 020109
pilgrim Sun slowly settling
Twilight arising
Full and Dark
Subtly shimmering
Ancient Starlight
Strikes my eyes
And kindles thoughts
Of whistful longing
Sweet rememberence
While night birds calling
Offer up their hearts so true
In the turning
Of this moment
All my thoughts
Return to You
the masque of the red bird From childhood's hour I have not been
As others were--I have not seen
As others saw--I could not bring
My passions from a common spring.
From the same source I have not taken
My sorrow; I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone;
And all I lov'd, I lov'd alone...
bijou i like being alone most of the time. but it's important that i feel like someone is wondering where i am. 020110
peyton I'm never alone
I'm alone all the time

Are you that one
or do you lie
lulie It's a very crowded lonliness. 020408
peyton I feel it too, searching skies.

I need you.

I miss you.
we knew it would happen so much for peyton and rhin "forever" 020502
Sonya Take this and hold
my love for you.
In separate times we think as two.
In paradise I'll drown in you.
Still searching skies.
I need you.
I want you.

I love you, love you, I love only you.

Remember me near.
There may be times when it's not right
for me to be there.
but remember me near.
Remember me near.
There may be times when it's not right
for me to be there.
but remember me near.

-BT, "Remember"
alice From my childhood's hour I have not been
As others were-I have not seen
As others saw-I could not bring
Mt passions from a common spring.
From the same source i have not taken
My sorrow; I could not awaken
My heart to joy at the same tone;
And all I lov'd I lov'd alone.
Then-in my childhood-in the dawn
From ev'ry depth of good and ill
The mystery which binds me still;
From the torrent, or the fountain,
From the red cliff of the mountain,
From the sun that 'round me roll'd
In its autumn tint of gold-
From the lighting in the sky
As it pass'd me flying by-
From the thunder and the storm,
And the cloud that took the form
(When the rest of Heaven was blue
Of a demon in my view)
birdmad in the half-light listening quietly to some music and the turning of the fan and to the creaking of my house. 020801
Jarec the worst way to sleep.......
the woest way to sit at home.......
the worst way to feel.......
SuicidalAngel Stop lights turning red
theres nothing on tv
no ones coming home tonight
starting to feel lonly
distorted tendencies Accepting the Truth. 020930
it is just the way it is continually 030119
DammitJanet sitting alone in a dark cold room in the middle of the night
listening to the music playing from the hall.
the closer i get to it, the quieter it becomes
until all i can hear is the hum of the christmas lights still wrapped around the banister.
the floor creaks as i make my way back
and as soon as i turn it starts up again.
i shrug, sit down, and sing along.
screwing fro virginity why do i get the feeling that i am the only one here who likes to be alone.

and why do i get the feeling that i am never alone in my own house, even when there is no one but me home.
0of46 i hate sleeping alone more than anything else, and it's even worse after three nights of sleeping with the girl i love 030120
psychobabe I cant stand up for all this pain,
everyone loves a sickened game-
and these pills make my own parade,
sun has burned up and gone away-
Well everytime we used to fall,
everyone...makes you sick...
your ashamed...
Trapped inside held accountable,
everyone loves a sickened game-
always joke when I feel betrayed,
sun has burned up and gone away-
Can you come from this love?
Can you come from this world?
Can you come from this love?
Coming down...coming down...coming down
. you are 030516
lotuseater the hardcore motherfucking zombie cuz... fuck everyone else. 040119
handel for none are more or less alone than i, sitting in my cell, waiting to die. 040516
silentbob better off
better off
better off
better off
better off
better off
Grandma Death Every creature on this earth dies alone 040712
claire Introverts prefer to spend time by themselves than with other people. There is a bias towards extroversion in American social life, but introversion is no less normal. 040713
Q to be more precise, not necessarily alone 050622
KISA alone always alone nobody knows me but everybody loves me. the thing about being the best is people keep on trying to beat you 060426
Emptyness Alive never and always 060502
crOwl stains on the t-shirt never and always...

so well said. that's me, basically, on the job, in my business. every day so different from the next.

and so if i'm alone, who will be my friend?

the birds?
sure, they can always provide cartoon dialouge.

the trees? absolutely. they can always provide stability.

port? now you're talking.
Isaou When
there is

no one
past having my closest and most common companions leave for a few months and being overtired and borderline insomniac doesn't help matters much. 090120
no reason i don't usually notice or think anything of it if people are alone at bars or concerts or other such events. maybe if they talk to me, i'm more likely to notice.

i'm still reluctant to go to certain places alone because of the stigma attached to it. i'm trying not to be like this, because i don't want to miss out on things just because i don't always have a going-out buddy. it's just lately it seems like i never do. friends that are currently in similar life places as me are in different physical places. figures.
no reason it's easier yet sadder to always do things this way 090514
unhinged sometimes being alone stops me from doing things also 090514
cocoon its never really been an issue - me being alone.

but today. today. i really wish there was someone here to help me out.
cr0wl lonely but never alone. 090829
no reason maybe we're always alone
maybe we're never alone
no reason again, recurring
Bespeckled It's one of those nights,
one of those lying-in-bed,
quietly-soaking-in-the-night-sky-and-the-stars nights,
brought on by some intangible amalgamation of all the
right thoughts at all the
right moments surging up through all the
right nerves -

unexpected, but here it is,
the feeling,
ready to burst forth, but pausing
(ohh not for too long!)
at the precipice, requiring only
your touch
(please, now, I can't wait much longer)
just your electric touch
(even just a finger tip)
to set them all ablaze,
a fireworks explosion readying for discharge.

But you're not here
you're not here.
So tonight
my touch will have to do.
uoasI It just feels better, sorry. 110908
nr it's more noticeable in a negative way when you need to talk to someone but nobody you want to talk to is available 160515
what's it to you?
who go