Tank he says he wants to bathe me in a bath full of rose petals and then massage me from head to toe. sounds like a fantastic offer to me, however one i must decline. if only he were someone else, or i were, i am sure the offer would have been accepted. 000911
sapphire_ *laughs* i totally understand

i love the petals tho'
so soft & delicate, like babies' skin

got a bunch in pink once
i like the black, and blue, and purple ones
whoknows i got a dozen for valentines day from a guy who had asked me out twice and been turned down both times. it was sweet, flattering, and a bit weird 011201
fell into a rosebush at ten years old Are overrated. 011201
ClairE We had two rosebushes. One gave yellow/pink ones, and the one in the front gave red.

Red is oh_so_pretty in a silver heavybottomed vase, but yellow/pink were my fave.

They smelled so good. I think they are dead now.

I want to eat a rose.

(one of Maria's favorite_things)
me "a rose by any other name would smell as sweet" except none of the mass produced roses you can buy smell of anything nowadays...the only scented roses i know of grow in my mother's garden, otherwise you have to buy Neal's Yard Absolute Rose essential oil to remember what roses smell like. Oh, and I have a tin of roses for eating too, but have not had the nerve to do that yet... 030624
j4/\/3 3/\/6I_158 roses are red violets are blue,
death is emminent, pain is too.
lady bug roses are red
violets are blue
please fuck off
because we're thru...

screw you for letting me love you with every single part in me..screw you
jinglebells blueroses.
was here. was your decision as much as anyone else's.
so much to say so much to do so much to ask....
free, baby. blueroses. broken and free, like rain.
mat last much longer
if you let them live
puff i like them wilted.
tied upside down to the ceiling to dry.
bright red fades to crimson-black.
somebody One of few things that lives up to its hype. 091011
In_Bloom Soft velvety petals leave such an intoxicating scent when rolled between the fingers or eaten in jam on toast with hot black tea 091011
oren Moses supposes his toes-es are roses. 101030
heartfelt for duke
bloom in my garden,
neglect abounds
across the yard in
which my heart,
by roses
that bloom for duke.
what's it to you?
who go