jennifer now, grant me in your minds, a month
October is over
and the sky grows grey
a month goes by
it's a little bit colder
a month goes by
we're one month older
silentbob i was born in october.
So was Joaquin Phoenix
he used to call himself Rain. he was the coolest kid ever. or maybe it wasnt raint. maybe it was leaf. either way, he was in 8mm, i fine picture for anyone who doesnt mind porn and appreciates thriller movies. oh yes. aint it cool?
MollyGoLightly joaquin phoenix is a total fox. i think he used to have a harelip.

he was also in To Die For, where he has a mullet and fucks nicole kidman.
Chrity go to:
bono and the trees
are stripped bare
of all that they wear
what do i care
rubydee not given the credit it's due...
slammed with the first of holiday shopping sprees
and consumer glut
such begins the festival of riches
the frenzied search for the perfect treat...
we rush through,
on to november and more food
december and packages...
and we wonder why we inquire
"where's the summer gone?"
ClairE the witching hour before november.

more gray than black, really
not you october scares me, like the light fixtures in an old basement. 021007
ClairE This year blue and the trees red orange yellow green before. The end of the rain, the summer storms turning cold - the grass fresh, the wind beckoning.

Umbrellas are coming. I predict freezing rain in a month - my birthday time.

(The squirrels are frantic this year and the almanac is mournful. Snow coming by Thanksgiving.)
halloweenie halloween kicks ass! 031120
reverie you lie you lie you lie
and i ask a seventh
and the truth lies naked
and we blush
too ashamed to pick up pieces
and i'll forever be cold at night now
but your mine
not hers
she can't have your lips your hands
she can't steal my hugs and kisses back
i don't want to be cold at night
Ouroboros how is it october already? 061005
what's it to you?
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