notme my_computer is making the strangest noises
it's cold and i don't the heat going
(maybe it wants a sweater)
it woke me up today
i don't like leaving it on when i'm not abusing it but, i didn't turn it off this morning
so i'm sleeping, and
i hear this
gasp chug
fgha pnn fnu aknsja fruggle huszim buzz
varrrrrom zooom vroom

i get up, walk over
click on the mouse to go 'shutdown'
just then the power in the house goes out

what's really weird is when i started typing this my tank was making some really funny noise
and now it's kinda quiet
notme and another weird thing

one of my tuxeeeeedooooes (cats) has asthma
one day he was having an attack and i was looking online for advice,
well i'd been looking at vet info but after a while i stopped because i couldn't find what i was looking for and thought i'd try my luck again after taking a break to defrazzle

later on, bout an hour later, i'm checking out this local arts page, i'm looking at the screen with my younger brother when suddenly out of the blue a window pops up, and the website on the screen is my very own vet's website.
we both looked at eachother and said whatinthefreakinhell
my second thought is, oh..this is a local page,..maybe my vet is linked here somewhere and i clicked it without realizing.
after scouring the website i realized my vet's page wasn't connected at all to this arts and crafts site, no link anywhere

so yeah that was strange
nom i have been getting the time wrong for several days now and i only realized it last night

there is something wrong with my clock
i've been living an hour behind
what's it to you?
who go