constella World of confusion
All on my own
I feel misplaced
My own reputation preceeds me
People judge me
Without even knowing who I am
What I have done
The minds of others
And my own collide
A fierce battle of words
And I sink back down into my hole
Deeper and deeper until I am gone
josie i seem to have misplaced my song. I needed it yesterday and now i don't know where it's gone.
Why don't i ever have a song?
yummychuckle i seem to have misplaced
my value,
because I can't find it anywhere.
Its not under the couch cushions
or in my closet
or under the bed.
Its not in my backpack,
i dumped out all the contents
searching through
mounds of crumpled papers
plastic lizards i carry with me
(gabe and henry)
blank CDs that somehow got in there,
that clove cigarette that chris gave me
when he said "seeya zoe...you're cool"
for the first time ever,
which is supposed to be a really good thing
cus he's a tough critic
my value isn't in my pocket
and I can't find it in words...
I'm beginning to think maybe
I never had it at all.
unhinged no one ever wants to be alone. what makes me think i am any different, special?hesaid. i was so unempathetic. i only think about myself. true...i only think about myself loving you. and being held by you. and falling asleep with you. and smiling with you and walking in the park with you and having old people smile at us. us. right as this very moment, i do not want to be alone. i want to be us. 020302
Ivonne Nobody wants to be alone, but it's better to be alone than with people who don't appreciate you. That's what i think anyway. If you have to change so you can fit in or if you constantly feel insecure about them and yourself, you'd be better off alone. One has to be around people that you respect (/admire) and viceversa.
When you're misplaced the problem is you haven't found your kind, but they do exist-
what's it to you?
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