lunarfern why do we intellectualize everything that happens?
sex is dissected until it's blue and cold
love is abstracted until it cracks
and we know as much as we did before
there's a lot to be said for just enjoying the things that exist instead of trying to freeze their existence into one frame
Brad agreed. See: chatroom. 000620
el chorizon "... no more beatin' my brain
with liquor and drugs

well i am just a modern guy
oh yeah
i've had it in the ear before"

--iggy pop
(all apologies where necessary)
skiblu lol
I don't think it was meant literally el but I guess that's all in the eye (or ear) of the beholder.
grendel a slightly paraphrased excerpt from Stephen King (as Richard Bachman) from "Rage"

The main character is narrating:

"Mr Grace is a short, dapper little fuck, the kind of guy who wears tweed sportcoats with the suede patches on the elbow and smoked a pipe. A mind-fucker, a head-stud. Someone whose function it is to impregnate young minds with sanity. But when you get your sanity by stud, the child always comes out looking like the father and you end up with a high suicide rate."

it frightens me that i can remember that passage even after twelve years since the last time i read that book
erin i have become an apostle of a mind-fucker. it's scary, because he's so good at it that i almost don't care. it's fun to fuck back, or at least, to try. read: hand_massage 000904
kay-tie we sat for hours challenging thoughts, debating desires, it's was the best mind_fucking i've ever had. 040405
pete 2nd year hums program, the mind fucking year. i hope i make it out semisane 040405
Borealis I could go for a mind fuck.. 040510
kookaburra sometimes the most undesirable guys (at least from my standpoint) are the greatest mind fuckers...
oh, and guess what? somebody i know is preggers...
misstree just like meat_sex
there are all kinds of flavors
marked . 060505
what's it to you?
who go