mcdougall this is me. i am mcdougall.
my name is andrew i live in a small peacefull town in the midwest. thats a lie. my best friend has a dong named cherokee. she is the best dog in the world. another friend of mine is mandy she is most amazing. click on her name and read about her if you want to know more. her sister, sam, is the girl that i am in love with. sam knows this but she doesn't share my love. im ok with that. as long as we are friends i'll be ok. i have a nice group of friends who always meet on friday around 8:30 at our local applebees. my friends and i love hockey and play when ever we get the chance to (on rolerblades. there is no ice here). i love running. i run cross country for my school. this year i got an 18:36 at the region 5k race. i love art also. i like to draw and paint and everything else about art including the history. this past summer i went to italy to view lots of art and tour the country. i was there for 3 weeks it was lots of fun. i am currently in 12 grade and i look forward to graduating in may. i plan on going to collage after high school and after that i dont know what. i will alwasy come here though. this is a place where i can really relax. i love reading what everyone has to say. and i hope you guys can tolerate me too. ohh yeah i also stink at spelling so when ever you see a mistake of mine please forgive me i was never good at that subject in school. well i hope you injoyed this short blop of information about me if you have any questions please feel free to ask. thanks
Mandy Mcdougall's my best friend. :-) 030124
Mandy Ummm....yeah, still best friends... 030629
mcdougall not best friends anymore. *sad face 060919
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