For sure! now isn't that a rockin' good name? i believe it is! 000712
kim i live with her
sh is a monkey
gwyllynne some say it is short for

sp0rkf00 All that I know is that for some reason I'd like to sit down and talk to her, because she was the one after me. she was the girl who came next after he took what was mine forever away. All I can remember is my best friend holding me down, and me clawing his eyes out. I wonder if she ever saw that side of him. 020117
Syrope MsChitChat: why do you call me manda?
MeOwnHellK: *shrug* do you not want me to?
MsChitChat: i dunno
MsChitChat: i dont care what you call me as long as its not mandy
MeOwnHellK: why not mandy?
MsChitChat: i dont know
MsChitChat: i just dont like it
MeOwnHellK: I like the way Manda sounds. I like the way I say it.
MsChitChat: i did.
MsChitChat: i dont know how you say it now
MeOwnHellK: The same. *shrug*
MsChitChat: thats impossible
MeOwnHellK: why?
MsChitChat: you said my name different depending on what you were thinking about me
MsChitChat: and you think differently about me now
MeOwnHellK: *shrug* it was still the same though
MsChitChat: no it was different to me
MeOwnHellK: but it was still the same. just because I pronounce it differently doesn't mean that it didn't carry the same meaning
MsChitChat: i dont like to think about it
MsChitChat: my name.
MeOwnHellK: why though?
MsChitChat: im not sure
MeOwnHellK: :-(
MsChitChat: because the times i remember how you said it make me sad
MsChitChat: you dont like it when mr baciuska calls you mike
MeOwnHellK: Sorry Manda. No I hate it when he talks to me. There is a difference.
MsChitChat: :-P

the strange thing is now my best friend calls me mandy and i dont mind at all
Phil I prefer anal cavities to the slippery wetness of a tight Mandahole.

Yes, I am Gay.
syrope ok whoa...all i did was say i liked ur blathes...jesus christ. 020626
phil Oh, and now you're calling me Jesus.
Well fine then, I wouldn't want to let YOU down.
Syrope exactly 020709
phil Why don't you write me like you wanted to?
It sounded important syrope.
Syrope ...must not have been... 040220
Manda Wow i love i9t when everyone talkes about my name it is so entertaining and i love it..... He he he
half jack fuck manda, conceited or what? *just joking* yeh know i love you.

hows the heat treating you? it has lead to excessive many things.. liek sweating, sleeping, waking, reading... drinking ( of alcoholic and non-alcoholic sorts) oh yeah and how could i forget.. excessive pain and overall bitchy-ness. lifes is great aint it :)

cheers darling
megan tootles
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