angelita There was silence.
In these times of ours some might call it an ungodly silence; yet in those times there was only God, and nothing more.
A formless void, the raging ocean of the universe was darkness, and darkness alone. There was no fear, for there was no one to be afraid of; no joy for there was no cause for pleasure. Silence.
And through the nothingness, He resounded.
ofsuch luxelady, hugs to you 040430
lux here i am, world. refreshed. nobody knows me. i'm candid. anonymous. and very very honest. 070801
epitome of incomprehensibility Oh, hello. I think I was a bit argumentative with you in the blathe hideously_beautiful but that doesn`t stop me from saying that "lux" is a cool blathernym.

Candid and blunt. Got it then. That is a good plan. Let us all pursue our separate personalities:
You shall be candid,
Chrity for example shall be long-winded yet sincere in her chrityanity,
Epitome of incomprehensibility shall be slightly insane,
Zeke shall be short and to the point,
Silentbob shall be silentbob, etc.
------E Shine, but do not blind. 070801
lux i don't mind one bit. you are you and i am me, and that is just fine. 070802
hellbent I hope you get straped down to a chair and someone force-feeds you broken glass, jalapenos and exlax while your feet are being scoulded in boiling hot water you spambot piece of shit! 070804
lux i'm not a spambot, asshole. 070806
leif I dream about you while staring out the window of my office--wishing I could sense your pulse though my hand placed upon your cheek.

You're like an ocean to me--the first to conquer and the last to remain. I was born of fishermen--destined to honour and admire you.
dafremen Buying the Lux Win100 Thermostatic Outlet for my grow room. 151127
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