dandy She said "I remember one time I was working in my country. I was so tired doing factory work. You can only work so many hours and then you can't focus. You can't think clearly and you make mistakes."

She grew up in a small town in what is now Bosnia. One factory built that town, brought so much money. If the factory closed, everyone would have to leave and look for work somewhere else. After she worked there for a few years she got a job as a secretary. Everyone worked there at some point. The work was hard but the pay was good.

She worked on the conveyer belt assembling landmines. The company sold them to both sides on the Iraq- Iran war. When the customers came to buy, you had to make sure thye didn't meet.

One day she was too tired and the bomb was finished but when she went to lift it from the conveyer belt, she dropped it. "My coworkers said I went white as that wall. I couldn't move. I was frozen. Some coworkers ran. One man came and picked up the bomb, put it to his head to see if it was ticking. But no, it wasn't. We lived. It didn't go off. But in the past 10 years a few workers were killed when the bomb did go off. "

Is the factory still running?

"Yes, but now the town can't be used. People live there but they can't move around. It's not safe. My family had a farm that brought a lot of money and food at one time. It has a beautiful forest but now no one dares to go into the forest."


"The town became the front line of the war in Bosnia. Now the forest and farm, everywhere is mined. It was a paradise before. Most people now have gone out from there. ..Now soldiers who go there for peacekeeping and even they get sick after only a few weeks." Nobody knows which cause. There were so many weapons. So much chemical weapons have polluted the water and the air. People who live there get sick with cancer.

No one can live there and be healthy now. "It was so beautiful and now...If I could", she said, "I would destroy all the weapons in the world. It doesn't matter which kind. It was good money and we had little choice. But really we had a choice."
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