art choke as the hinges moved,
you let the light flood in behind yourself. you entered.
you waltzed across the linoleum.
your so timid when the fluorescent lights hum from above.
your so beautiful when you smile.
all my feelings are trite, and my tactics slightly sophmoric.
i wanted you so badly.
i followed you everywhere.
only to be taught that i am the moon. and you, the sun.
the distance between us never grows, nor does it reduce to the intimacy
that i long for, that i fear.
these days are so much longer, than i gave them credit for.
they are punishing me with their length.
every minute reminding me that i am so alone.
my self-loathing eats away at my heart.
stand atop the stage. you're all they want to see. the poster child of a quasi-perfect
you ignore the woman in me, that loves the man in you.
the hourglass is running out, and the clock is shouting its too late.
so i will lose myself in awful remedies,
and lack of consciousness.
my eyes are becoming glossy from all that mess that your life holds.
someone fake an interest in me.
like the others fake in you, i am sincere, but too petrified to speak,
to divulge my thoughts on any subject.
i fear your thoughts of me.
the part of me that can't stop thinking of you is a cancer.
it is overtaking my body, slowly ceasing all life.
the death inside of me is unnoticeable.
so i will quicken this slow and painful death from a tortured heart.
my eyes, too are becoming red.
and flowing forth are streams of my love, you will never experience and i will never give.
this makes me so selfish.
but you were too cold. and now,
six feet under, i am cold, too.
joda Sad. 030426
pSyche let my tears fall. . . 050310
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