daf "I wanna get high. Sooo high", croons the speakers ..and I do.

I could tell you how it came to this, but only some of you will ever understand. Yea, it's partly my busted ribs, busted now 5 years with no hospital willing to touch the operation...since I have no insurance. But I was smoking to maintain...long before this.

Some of you won't understand, and as I said, some of you will. Those of you who, like me find the notion of being forced to watch this parade of human misery; to sit down, shut up and WATCH..excruciating.

"Get involved man." Nooooooo! Not yet. Not that! Hold on...let me light this up.

There we go, ok where are all of the crazy suffering people? Where are all of the fucked up, fucking me up, fucking themselves up, fucking each other up people? I'm ready now..let's get this done.

People like me, strongly empathic people who think about others constantly, and feel their pains deeply; we deal with your horrific, stupid, mean, petty ways all day long. It hurts. Some of us try to lash out..but that never lasts long. You can't hate the pain and make the pain.Some of us bury our heads in gambling, booze, shopping, movies, video games..whatever escape we can find; and live with.

Every day, like you, we deal with this ridiculous march of the mad into madness.

Unlike you, I can't just NOT think about people. Unlike you I CAN'T just "switch" out of feeling for everyone at times. I am only just NOW learning to focus on MY wants, MY needs, MY advantage. It sucks..I hate it.

But then some of you who are better equipped to isolate yourselves from your empathies, have the balls to tell us to deal with it sober..or find some other escape.

No, YOU deal with it. I AM handling it. I am maintaining my ability to function in this moron-molded morass. You deal with it.

My name is Daf..and I'm a with it.
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