Thyartshallshant Suuuure! Go Ahead! Everybody gets a shot! 001231
birdmad ...running backwards with a chansaw" 001231
ClairE fuck_me_up_the_ass
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is it better to hyperventilate or break a promise to yourself and cry?

why do we hold out hope that punishing ourselves will purify us?
god beats me 011218
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nightcrawler whoa

distorted tendencies LMAO gross 021009
Xeneth Sparda geting hard when reading that is an eneviability.........I haven't got laid sence coming to Toronto exept for the couple times my old fuck buddy for years came over. Her name is Nichole but that doesn't matter.

PS: Man! computers have come a long way! soo many things developed in computers like, like d o so crisp comp slang yo or 73|-| 83|_0\/3|) 1337 or blather!

Xeneth Sparda

Wow, this is the first time gander took me to a place ive been. I cant believe Im still the last blathe on here. In order to keep myself just as unoticible as everyone else on blather, Im gonna knock it of with the big letter name, not including now. 050530
Lemon_Soda sohorny is a guy.

he wants a girl who thinks like that about him.
gknowme what a thought 050620
mt soda's got a good eye. 050621
mt oh_fuck_me
stork daddy go on...tear me a new one. 050621
what's it to you?
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