kookaburra for the first time in at least 4 years, i am beginning to feel like i can do something.
im having a little engine moment.
*i think i can i think i can*
i really think its working too.
kookaburra today i didnt berate myself for all the things i could have done better. 040724
Borealis funny...I feel the same way... 040724
nonlucid for the first time in a year, I'm really happy 040725
puredream for the first time ever time
i'm kissing you all over again
puredream every* 040725
pete i'm in my parents house, not wanting to leave in two days... 040725
hsg see things * every time you look.
what u knew was just one view
see things again and again *
dudeinanigloo Drove my friend home. (w00t!) 040916
Syrope it was weird enough to have the very real, very vivid horrible dreams i had and for them to be about actual people i see every day. and they were all /themselves/...that's always odd for me, but usually i get over it and i'm fine after an hour or so. but today i ran into someone else who was in the dream and not just the chest-tightening, breath-taking fear came back, but surprisingly a lot of details from the dreams. i rarely remember dreams, but once i do usually that's it, they never come back as more than how i felt when i woke up from them. it's so odd...

i want to know why. i think i may have to give in to the hypnosis
Australia The Burst of Sprite_Bubble... 041027
girl_jane I'm not scared. 041027
North Korea N. Korea Boasts (publicly for the first time) that it has nuclear weapons and said it will stay away from disarmament talks, dramatically raising the stakes in the 2-year-old dispute.

2102005 30 minutes ago
unhinged you said i was beautiful and i actually believed it 090515
In_Bloom The scoundrel
The liar
The willing
The wrong

After so many no's, all it took was one yes to make me absolutely human
Thank you
what's it to you?
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