fantastic-o right, I was surfing on the net right, which is really cool cause it's like...WOW, superhighway and stuff. Y'know? Anyway, like, it was like this really weird dream and all these numbers and letters and stuff. Fantastic! Don't you think old people are great, yeah I think they're realllly nice, y'know. Their little faces. Awww. Awww. They look like jacket potato, their faces like, FANTASTIC! 000112
nullspace fantastic-o!
reminds me of eddie izzard :)
Oz Fantastick ~ it sticks!!! like oh, well i spelt it wrong!!! "k you have a problem w/ that??? you wanna start somethin??? E-MAIL me then!!! you're momma's sooo fat..... 000610
nah....! a splendid word, oh yes. 011128
ClairE fanTAStic sounds WASPy.

I heart it anyway.
god onto 020615
kerry FANTABULOUS 020616
kidblink is just my favorite word 040924
mikejohnson Green is Fantastic!

is too.
lou_la_belle miss kitty fantastico!! 050123
mikejohnson fantastic. related to fantasy? that which could only exist in fantasy... realized... fantastic! and i maintain...
is fantastic.
cool i my world is full of poo wonderful 060729
thieums I once met a guy in Limerick
Who really thought he was fantastic
....... He could play the harp
....... And had a dancing carp
But his shows were quite pathetic.
In_Bloom Sleeping
Trying out the skins of normal happy people
what's it to you?
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