For sure! What you all think about Europa? Think there's life there? Think Jupiter should be turned into a second sun to support life there? 000713
tourist I belive in the long run life will be discovered all over the place. The universe will be just crawling with it.
I really think that igniting Jupiter would be an overwelming task. It's big but it's still a long way from critical mass. not to mention that it would probably make it hard on any Jovian life forms that may be swimming through the clouds there. Any life on Europa will already be perfectly adapted to the current conditions and would probably would not appreciate the anded heat source so close by. Though it was a good idea for the 2010 story by A.C.Clarke. I must've seen the first one a dozen times. It was originally shot in Cinerama (3 projectors curved screen) NASA & JPL have some good web sites. search for NEAR NASA sometime we're orbiting an asteroid blows me away.
grendel cinematic nostalgia moment 2010...saw it at one of the last Cinerama screens when i was a kid...

best screen in town...and it's been paved over for almost 3 years now...

tourist Yeah! the only cinerama theater here stoped showing cinerama films years before 2010 was made. I never even knew it was filmed that way . Tales of Brothers Grim. some Himalayan Travel Log i don't recall the name of. How Thee West Was Won. and 2001 , Those are the only Cinerama Films I ever saw, or knew about. The Five Points Theater is now Club 5 the seats are gone repaced by a mosh pit. Time marhes on. 001105
grendel has flashbacks Harkins Cine Capri

good for any movie shot in 70mm, even made Independence Day look like a work of art.

great for the summer blockbusters, even if they were mindless fun.

but The Nightmare Before Christmas and the Star Wars Trilogy were right at home on that screen

24th street and Camelback and my fvourite nightclub used to sit there, The Grind, run by the late great DJ Randall (if you've ever been to The Atomic Cafe in Austin TX or the one that used to be in Scottsdale, you know what i'm talking about)

many drug fueled nights dancing, catching a midnight movie and then hitting the floor again after-hours

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