ever dumbening To dig back in to the soil until the minerals stain black the cracked and creased skin of fingers, regardless of the final page (as there really is no such thing). To bend and kneel and breathe and see that only one way exists, that of making and releasing. Because once you call it up and out it shifts from being yours to being yours/notyours. A raccoon's paw, a drunken motorcycle's wheel, a cone-six clay in cone-ten heat::simple change, inevitable change, unforseeable change. Given to the drifting with a hand of light corrections, the vehicle can know no greater mode. Don't fault the concrete for its pounding of flesh and metatarsal. The foot will change the mind will change the ground.

"The wild geese do not intend to cast their reflection on the lake. The water has no mind to receive their image."

Reminders abound and are strewn about; a backyard becomes the universe, spider web galaxies sparked by low-cutting sun. The sangha is in everything.
radu chatter amongst the crows 040905
f think i must be digging another hole for my self.

i really don't know....

all i know is that.... how ever strong and i am, deep down inside i feel such a huge loss - regret, that i take to my grave. i can not trust my perceptions but would would like to believe that you have not completly forgotten me although i know it would be kinder to hope that you had.
ever dumbening kissing the past 051203
. horrid. 070216
soul whats up ?

want to go for a wal in hyde park?
f walk not run 070217
hello bye for now
must see the sun
Q uestion 070218
Q For the record, the Q who did the immediately preceding blathe is some new Q, not me, the Q who has been on blather for over eight years and who's making this blathe.

It would be nice if the new Q would use a different name, like perhaps "Que" or "cue," to avoid confusion for the blather community between his blathes and mine.

His are most definitely not mine.
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