like rain. i've never felt you like that, never been able to reach out to touch your trembling breath in the flesh, your fingers pulling me closer, our legs intertwined.

when i think about it, i fall away inside.

tell me that you love me...
kerry i love you 011224
madeleine i am soft:discover it.
i am real:do not destroy it.
i am merely a flower: pretty and little.
do not overestimate it though,
i could always turn into a large bumble bee only to sting you when you are not looking.
skalix if you touch the vase it will break... DAMNIT YOU TOUCHED THE VASE!!! 040201
Syrope early yesterday morning (so much that it was really last night, since i'm still up from today) i let go of my insecurities with you. showering with you was the most intimate thing i've done in a long time. only i don't think we're supposed to be intimate - we're just supposed to keep our secret weekend flings to the minimum emotional involvement.

you're so beautiful in this fragile, delicate way - the first thing through my head tonight when i saw you was "oh my god, what have i done? i don't want to hurt him" but i realized, too, tonight how deep and complicated and protected you are. it hurts me that i can't comfort you, and it comforts me that i can't hurt you. but that only leaves *me* to be hurt in this, and i can't be delicate as gracefully as you can. i hurt clumsily, and so everyone turns away.

i just can't stop. you're too much of what i've wanted for too long.
emmi we might kiss
when we are alone
when nobody's watching
we might take it home

we might make out
when nobody's there
it's not that we're scared
it's just that it's delicate

Farool What do I do to get your attention? What do I do to get this right? 060226
yeah. It's not the softness of skin or heat of your body that I yearn for. It's the delicate tenderness of touch. 140601
what's it to you?
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