The Truth Television rots your mind.
Television Crushes your spirit.
Television tries to tell you who you are, what to eat, how to act, who to love.

I cancelled my cable subscription over a year ago and I don't even miss it now.
Whenever I do watch it, I feel the need to "stay tuned" to see what will happen next and I could get easily sucked back into it.
You see, I spent my entire junior highschool life watching TV. I used to watch 11 hours a day! I knew the tv guide by heart. I regret not spending the time more wisely.
Most people are so engulfed by the entertainment that television provides, they fail to realize the truth of the matter: TELEVISION IS A VEHICLE TO MARKET PRODUCTS! Everything that you see and hear on tv is solely designed to sell you stuff.
I'll give you a minute to let that sink in...

There are good tv programs such as Discovery Channel, PBS, and CNBC (and simpsons/x-files) If you are going to spend the time in front of the radiation box, at least you can try to learn something!
But everything else is only hurting you.

You all know this, you just need to accept it.

We need to boycott CABLE until they offer us pro-rated packages where WE choose the channels we want, and only pay for those! So we don't waste our time and money on crap!

Marketing is invading our minds whether we want to admit that or not!
The Truth SO! Have YOU ALL broken the chains to your TV yet? It's been a month and a half now!

Wow...I must have been going through an activist phase or something...
I forgot I wrote that.

It's fun to go back and look at old blathers from time to time.
badum chhh how about 6 and a half years later? 080407
what's it to you?
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