mos you see, this wall is green and that wall is
blue and the 3rd wall has eyes and
the last wall is crawling with angry famished

no, that wall is sheer of frozen water
and the other is one of melting wax
and the 3rd frames my grandmotherís face
and from the 4th spills the bones of my father.

outside is the city, the city outside, a thing that
creeps to the call of bells and lights,
the city is an open grave,
so I never dare to venture forth but
rather remain and hide within
disconnect the phone
lower the shades and
cut the

the city is more cruel than the walls
and finally the walls are all we have
almost nothing is
far better than
nothing at

Freak We waited in line one by one to face the great one that would give us our names. He would then announce them to us then cut our arms. The girl in front of me was so scared that she passed out. I helped her up and got her in a seat. By the time she could sit on her own I was the only one left to face him. I went to him and he told me that I had the strongest name of all and that I was the strongest of them all. I was Lotus yet for such a strong spirit that went with that name I was incredibly weak. Instead of the slash on the arm the other girls received he stabbed me in the left thigh. He then cut into my right leg and continued to cut in a complete circle around my leg as I screamed for him to stop. He keeps cutting and telling me how weak I am. How could I be so weak if I was Lotus? He kept saying it. The one who is Lotus isnt weak. It was like he kept cutting me just because he could. Like he shouldnt have been able to since I was Lotus but he did.

When I woke up my legs hurt like they had been cut...I looked for blood...nothing.

It was so real.

Ive been translating all day.
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