x i had a fish who died about two weeks after i got it when i was a kid. my mom wouldn't invest in a good tank because "fish die soon". i suppose they do in small bowls with no oxygen. i suppose it doesn't help when they get dropped on the floor because you're using kitchen utensils to transfer them to a bowl while you clean the original bowl. anyway...
i cried endlessly. i have no idea why. i think it was 1991. i didn't have any emotional bond with the thing. it was a fish. the dissapointment was profound somehow. i gave it some weird name which escapes me now.
i had another fish at the co-op i used to live at. i left it in the community tank when i moved. my roommate told me that it died, a few months after the fact. i was utterly unaffected.
the point, i think, is that if something affects me very much now, it has to be pretty horrible. that's normal, i think
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x his name was lucifer, actually 030829
ClairE His name was Graham. He lived approximately a year. He was a Siamese fighting fish. I got him as leftovers from a library program for kids. (The program was to decorate a fishbowl and they each got a fish.) He came to college with me and back home. My mom had one from the same batch. His name was Red.

In early July, I came home from a trip and my mom told me that Red had died. She had already buried him in the backyard. I didn't think much of it other than that I was glad Graham was still alive.

Two days later I woke up, started walking downstairs, and my mom called up, "Claire, Graham died."

Then she told me she had already buried him. I don't even know where he is, but it is funny and unsettling to think of tiny fishbones in the ground.
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vocally challenged mannequin god has a cat named tonya or_so_ice_heard 030902
vocally challenged mannequin i am the sole witness to the brutal massacre of the 5 guppies in the balloon, for more information, see: the_fish_balloon_massacre 030906
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