sylvia plath i knew perfectly well the cars were making a noise, and the people in them and behind the lit windows of the buildings were making a noise, and the river was making a noise, but i couldn't hear a thing. the city hung in my window, flat as a poster, glittering and blinking, but it might just as well not have been there at all, for the good it did me. 020904
Elzbieta The vast spaces between the silence make it so much worse. There must not be air there or else I would run from it. 020904
silentbob before the silence 020905
black hunter From the first to the last and it's all in my past.
I've never been so trashed when I put a big gash
in side of your neckcause you show no respect
you're a fucking reject, and your rhymes have no effect.
You can't spit it for shit so fame you won't get.
I'm the black fuckinhunter I'll stab you in yo back
don't try to grab yo gat at the worst you'll kill my cat.
You hoes should all know when I say I'm gonna throw you,
you can't fuckintake it; you know you'll never make it.
I'll even buy a casket cause bitch you just askin’
to take it up the ass when you roll up to the masta.
I'll shank you so fast you won't have time to gasp;
you'll be dead before you know that you've even been chosen
to take up this post, an example to most
of these motherfuckin’ hoes who try to impose
on my game with all their sayings and lame little names.
They ain't got shit to say, but they all up in my face.
So back the fuck off cause this hatin’s gonna stop
and don't make me load my Glock and take you off the block.
And in case you forgot I'm the one with the style,
the skill and the drive; you can’t run that last mile.
At the end it's my will, the one that gets done.
So before you get punked, get yo ass back in the sun,
cause here in the dark I rule more than Clark,
and I'm bustin’ out powers that'll make you scream for hours.
So run back to the towers, 'fore your fuckinmilk sours.
I’ll beat you till yo ass is wipin’ the grass
and you won't know it's past till your in a fuckincasket.
So get out my way, today is my day.
I'ma smoke some fuckinhay you ain't got shit to say,
you best shove those lines away, unless you want it today
that you'll finally pay for the weak shit you've spit.
So bitch get off my dick. You just a fuckinprick
and you'll never be as slick and I ain't got time for it.
no one lalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalalala
chick out the silence ^^
what's it to you?
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