typhoid too much fear/doubt/depression comes from the illusion of the need for others.. (i whisper at night, its only an illusion, its only an illusion, please, its only...) 000424
Tai C. means the ability to serve alcohol in the state of arizona. 010404
guy on shrooms numbers seem the best without the works of another the moment has come pleasant feelings hold it dig a pony 030202
jc denton being nineteen is crazy good, the point between being able to drink and....run for parliment 050816
pete nineteen, soon to be twenty, well soon as in over a month away, but soon still. other things are sooner, such as seeing my parents and sisters again, moving my brother out of home to the city, school starting, no longer working full time and the such... changing from 19 to 20 will mostly be a mental effect, ive seen it happen a number of times already, the cries of "i'm no longer a kid anymore!" fall on deaf ears soon enough. i'll still be a boy in the end, ready to throw off the adulthood forced on me by the summer and enter the modified adulthood of fulltime school, parttime work, living in a circling state with a chance of less sleep than i get now (where the rambling begins, the ability to sleep ends, filled by the toxins of choice as they change from day to day, in a mystified appearance of grace known to us in the disgrace of a fallen sun, god's gift in iceland and silence among the wrathful...) 050817
walrie thats me. in 81 years ill be 91. that's old. ill probably be making a few trips to canada soon. how cool is that? probably not that cool, but oh well.

age is the weirdest thing.
eatingstars still haven't been to canada. it's only 30 minutes away.
19 is a strange age.
maybe all ages are strange.
or maybe i am strange and so all ages seem strange.
or maybe i just don't know anything at all.
what's it to you?
who go