daxle it all started... where did it start?
there was some jumping on your air mattress to wake you up in the middle of the night and accidentally ripping your bedding. there was some spraying you with garlic spray before we went out. there was some sticking of ice cream in your ear when you wouldn't try some. there was eating all your chips and leaving an incoherent note about it due to extreme munchies.
5 years later you still have the note. you read it to my voicemail the other day. 5 years later, you're still my friend, having waited out all the crazy shit you shouldn't have had to deal with . 5 years later we have grown up and grown together.
as we stood on top of the sugarcube in black rock desert watching the sun rise I was washed over with love. I was bowled over with appreciation. i was taken aback for a second, fearful that i was having romantic notions. but it's not that.
i love you as a friend. i love you as someone who has stuck by me like no one else has before. so i try not to make it that hard to stick by me anymore. i call you just to say "mew".
i call you my best sven, until we are drunk enough to admit that we are actually best friends :D
stimpy i was just talking about him tonight. my beer swilling friends—east bay wankers that they are (which i say with nothing but love)—were discussing a trip to the 21A. i said i've got some credits stored up there and that i could introduce them to the brewer. a daxle_appointment may dovetail nicely. 071129
daxle let me know...
I had a fabulous time with Sven last sunday. We are pondering starting a shuttle between Ritual (a superior local coffee shop) and Zeitgeist (a superior local bar). Commence the suffering!
ever snarkening would it have a rack for fixies on it?

sorry, i couldn't resist.
mew bahaha. it would have to. and an electric lift in case the tightness of your clothes prevented you from getting in the vehicle. 071206
and a place to hang your scarf those jeans are indeed snug, ja? 071206
ever dumbening arm twisted.
dinner joined.
this man swears he owes me a keg.
what's it to you?
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