birdmad this one and fyn_gula are amazing

i could spend days reading their stuff
Special K Wow, thanks birdmad. What a coincidence... I fired off an eMail not 5 minutes ago, telling a friend how much I enjoyed your posts. after_the_moon is one of my favorites. 010606
Dafremen (closure by proxy inc.) hey there radiant
hello my sweet Persephone
come close to me again
close, until you almost feel me
there are so many things
I felt the need to let you know
And oh, so many ways
I tried from here to let you know
I couldn't let you go

sweet spark of luminence
sweet favorite of the angels
know that of my regrets
this most of all was painful:
I never got to see your starlight
in our children's eyes
never heard your gentle song's
maternal lullabies
never got to know those blessings
didn't get to watch them grow
Never got to show you
I'd never let you go

I'll be a smile away
it's like a kiss from you
with all the joy you feel in life
know I'll be there with you
I need your strength
precious heart, I need to know that you
will carry on
that knowing me didn't hurt you

te amo, mi amor
como yo te amo tanto
estare con ti amor
estare contigo pronto
until the very last
and starting from the time we met
the finest times in all of my life
you made them better yet
having stayed long enough to know you
I harbored only one regret
but now you know
I'll never let you go.

im happy whenever you're happy,
gorgeous. so be happy! tears are for those who've never had what we have together.

always and forever..love,

Message delivered c/o: Dafremen
specialk UH Oh... this is going to get a little confusing.. MY name is SpecialK too... we'll have to figure out something 040626
. maybe become specialk2? 040626
whitechocolatewalrus why do you seem familiar?
just call me a sheep,
i don't know what's up.
whitechocolatewalrus oh wait,
i think i get it.
there was a special k
before there was you.
or maybe, you were the original special k, you just don't remember
due to some evil accident
causing you great amnesia.
or, i don't know.
what's it to you?
who go