florescent light I have a pair of sparkley sneakers.
they are my pride-and-joy
they are sneakers, that are covered with silver sparkles.
the whole sneaker- is one big glitterly sparkley silver.

I bought them at Target
I've been wearing them everyday
they are begining to show signs of wear
so I ingeniously went to Target to buy a 'back-up' pair- maybe even 2 or 3- so I can have an unlimited supply- cause you can't get these sneakers anywhere.
anyway, I went there- and I couldn't find any in my size- only little kiddies- and then I found a whole bunch my size, and I was so psyched, and then I looked at them- but they weren't the same.
they were silver and they shined, and even sparkled a bit, but they weren't made of glitter. mine are actually covered with glitter, these just had a material that sparkled.

so now I am devistated
dB Cherry Docs. You can't beat 'em. Coz people look at you and they think "shit, that guy looks like he's scary. also looks like he wants to hit someone. better stay clear." Then they see the boots (or clown shoes as I call them) and they look up at me and smile, and I smile back and they feel better.

Cherry Docs. The best.
Photophobe Why don't you just buy some glitter glue, and repair your existing sneakers when they wear?


you could get the knda sparkly ones, and sparklyfy them with glitter glue.

So, to surmise:

Get some glitter glue
unhinged there's just something about a nice pair of silvery glittery shoes that glitter glue cannot replace. they are just the kind of thing that you want to stay new forever. 010819
Dafremen I never wore glittery shoes...let's just say, I'm not the glittery shoes type.

I DID however sport a pair of Day-Glo orange Slip-On VANS one year, a pretty amazing feet if I do say so myself(what was amazing was that I SURVIVED a year wearing those shoes. I went to a small farmtown high school with more than it's fair share of ignorant dipsh*ts.)
daxle toes of my converse have red and rainbow sparkles mixed with dirt 010824
anomalous painted rollerskates 050513
Lemon_Soda I have a pair of baby blue timberlakes. I likes my blue boots. My freinds call them blue suede shoes. I tell them not to step on them. 050513
falling_alone i've been searching for brightly colored sneakers i can afford.
so i gots me some sparkly laces instead,
and painted another pair to be mine.
olive hmmmmmm. that sounds like fun. or even just the light up ones. what if a mix of the two were to exist?
im sure it does.
i gotta get me some.
what's it to you?
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