~gez~ you say you want to loose it all. including the string.. i can help you. and back you up whatever you want to do

all you need do is ask
Kleh Ver ~

i may, yet, want to choose to fall. induce suffering.. i can hold true. and not give up whatever temptations woo

all i need do is ask

theswitchbladefairy cotton wool 030318
scuzz Not even I know what I want. Maybe is a better infinitive. Chaos is a clichè. Every breath I draw is not . I just want .

All I need do is ask.
crimson sexual_frustration 030830
megan guilty of pleasure

i'm the sort of person you have to show
you know the type- visual learner
niska sexual innocence...

what an oxymoron
nomatter this is nothing new 030906
celestias shadow but it's so hard to will yourself through it. even though you want to so badly. 030915
sixteen huh? Where? 030915
misstree take your time.

and don't go hell-bent for the other side once you cross the border.

there's a whole lot of country to explore between innocence and jaded overabundance of experience, so take your time or you'll suddenly find that you've run out of things that you've never tried, and you'll have appetites you can't sate.
Lemon_Soda Can never be reattained.

If you have it you might take it for granted and be in a rush to drop it for "something better".


Atleast not until your ready.

Once its gone...its gone.
spathic i just heard from a younger friend that she'd just lost her took me back and made me feel...all old. it's not that i lost it so young or that it's been so long i think but just that there's such a world between just losing your virginity and being able to say that you're no longer innocent. and, oh yeah...the sex between 2 virgins shouldn't ever be reminisced over. 031018
notme it feels like i've been
searching for my virginity all my life
i almost don't even care anymore
some days i think i have forgiven
shine I am sexually innocent.

I'm not a virgin. A year ago, when I was done with it, I set it aside. I did not give it away.

No one has my virginity except me.

I am sexually innocent because I have had only one partner. I am inexperienced, nieve, and happy this way. I am in no rush. I'm taking my time. I'm innocent.
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