chris This is life, with order, in perfection, in its beauty.

A warm rush flows through the brain in less than a second after pulling the trigger. Comfort surrounds your mental state, followed quickly by physical comfort, as if being cradled by a tender, caring entity, protecting you from all anxieties, misfortunes, bad feelings: these have all been forgotten. Any part of your life that was out of place now fits perfectly like a puzzle. Every part of life seems to be happily repaired. A grand sense of euphoria surrounds every sense, while each cell in the human body is treated to a warm bath of pleasure, accompanied by an indescribable gravity that only adds to the pleasure and overall bodily sensation. But the bodily sensation isnít what makes the experience so incredible. It is experiencing life as if it were perfect.
applegirl this is the before picture
by friday ill be there
in the after picture

My exceptations are nonexistant
my path is beginning to wind
in a direction
less known to me
unhinged hear no evil
see no evil
speak no evil

an unregistered sixshooter
a fifth of jim beam
a handful of oxys

it was one of my favorite triptychs of hers
matt time release washed away, you anticipate the rush of euphoria that awaits you...crushing the pill, your nose all clear, straw at hand your ready for the journey 080517
unhinged a journey that ends with you shaking, huddled in front of a toilet

the itch and scratch in the middle of the night
the little voice in your head
'just get me some more; it'll be alright'
and then the black market prescription rings
got all busted up
the doctors in jail
and it became way easier
for you to find heroin
your body on the bathroom floor
your friend finds you
calls 911
'come on man
please please please
it's not time for you to be done'

what's it to you?
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