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i've got hunches about some of her decisions. please take them as just that -- hunches. a woman who skips foreplay and hurries to intercourse and seldom, if ever, experiences orgasm sounds like she is compulsively going through some sort of script that stems from negative early-life experiences. these might include:

a very disappointing relationship with her father
a thwarted relationship with her mother
a traumatic event that left her with a strong desire to be soothed, but not a lot of know-how on accepting soothing
sexual exploitation as a child, in her teens or in her 20s

i just spent the last half hour looking at www.sa.org & trying to be in denial
TalviFatin I, unfortunately, can relate to that... 031021
Freak used to be...but then I started birth control...it was fun while it lasted 031021
jane multiple_partners 031112
a nymph in sylphs clothes It frightens me that I too am trying to deny it Jane. 031113
misstree i get very very angry if i go too long without sex. i wish i knew exactly why, as it feels to me like a very juvenile response, selfish and shallow, but i don't quite understand it, and the force that it rocks me with is anything but shallow. i wish i knew how to find some fingerhold on it, to quell cravings or to blunt rage, but i have scraped my fingers to the bone just to find some point of leverage, and never have i effected a change.

so i am left with a hungry hole and a snarling lip, most days, because i refuse to bed down with a comfortable mate, i refuse to tumble those for whom i feel disdain, i refuse to pretend at being something else just for a quick fuck. i spend my days and nights hunting and hating. i wish i knew why.

sensate? yes, but the addiction and the byproducts remain incomprehensible...
Syrope i remember those days

"are you sure you're a virgin?"
haha yes i was sure

but yep - birth control and stress and distance from you (damned college) have taken their toll...

now i just want people to nap with
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