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blown cherry She always takes the moral high ground.
In all Her self righteous arrogance.
She knows nothing about real life,
clinging to familiarity because She is too scared of anything else.
Too naive.

It was not Her place to tell him about the boyfriend.
N would have brought it up at the right time, when she felt ready, or if she ever needed to.
She should not have butted in.

She knows nothing about what it is to be drawn to someone who makes you happy when you live in a pile of shit.
A pile of shit that N is trying so hard to extricate herself from.
And maybe this would have helped.
And maybe the weight would have been lifted for a while.
And maybe this self righteous arrogant "friend" has ruined it.

N is sensible, far more sensible than I.
I trust her enough to make her own decisions, evidently She did not.

I talk to N, i see her cry and she breaks my heart because she is unhappy.
N tells me her fears and shares her pain.
But when She talks to N, N paints a different picture. "Fine" "Good"
I believe the N who talks to me, not the N who talks to Her, because the N who talks to me knows I've been through that too.
With the same guy whats more.

I am angry at Her.
She had no place in doing that.
She can look down on me all She wants,
but She should not have interfered in Ns life.
Not when She knows not the first thing about it.
pipedream i am an emotivist, because in the end i always do what i feel like doing, my id rides high, impulse governs my life...too much spontaneity is supposed to get you into hot water, btu maybe by now i've gotten so used to scalding my feet that it doesn't even twinge any more. the fact that i am rarely embarassed probably helps too. yay for impulse, i get so much more out of my life! 030506
arielle the moral of the date rape story: it doesnt pay to be drunk and horny. 031130
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