smw is beautiful beyond words
is the only man i need
is the culmination of my passion
is lust incarnate
is my ultimate fantasy

is married. . .
TalviFatin Poor poor creature. The gasping and begging for a crumb of attention. It's the only thing that keeps her alive. That, and motta. But...nonetheless...this man has an effect on her unlike I have ever seen. She is hopelessly in love with this god-like being...but yet there is a fence between them. He is married, with kids. Hopefully things will change with my meddling..and I can finally see her happy and content. This would be a miracle. 010801
smw I am inibriated with overwhelming passion that consumes me and makes me pass out. 010801
smw I WONDER if with you, as it is with me, If under your slipping words,that easily flow, About you as a garment,easily,Your violent heart beats to and fro!

Long have I waited, never once confessed, Even to myself, how bitter the separation;

If I could cast this clothing off from me,If I could lift my naked self to you
Of if only you would repulse me, a wound would be Good; it would let the ache come through.

But that you hold me still so kindly cold Aloof my floating heart will not allow;Yea, but I loathe you that you should withhold Your pleasure now.
;) i'll always want you near

there will never be a substitute

you make my heart melt and my face burn

and i've never seen blue like the blue

in your eyes.

it goes in and around and through me. .


now please, STOP teasing me - and just

please me!

. . please? . .
Deluded_Progression He knows nothing 030316
wonder pretty, pretty, pretty blue horses. 030316
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