amy We believed that the
cybernetic approach
to consciousness
whipped up frothy
would carry us to
a plateau overlooking
a pleasant mirror
but instead left us
blathering in the
dressed up solitude
of mannequin planets

-Steven Jessie Bernstein

I came across quite awhile ago, and I worried a little bit about it, I remember. There's the obvious "blathering" connection, but I thought he might also have somewhat of a point. That despite all our clever games, we can never explicitly ensure that we will not just end up uncovering solitude again.

But I think he is being too passive. Or, the "we" in his words believed that they could lose their individualism. And how can they expect the mirror to be pleasant?

Criticisms can be made, i think, but this one isn't too good. "whipped up frothy" sounds sorta keen, but that's about it.

However, the word "blather" is normally used negatively out in the media. Because it is pointless, I suppose. That's not likely to bother some people, though...

I'm reflective now. It is November... so expect more of the same.
Sonya Does anyone remember this movie? I think it was made in the late 80s or early 90s. It's one of those cheesy cult movies that people have seen more than once but would rather forget...

I forget what happens at the very end.hmmm...I wonder though. When the mannequin came to life - did she suddenly grow nipples? Something to ponder indeed...(for those of us insomniac lunatics.)
groucho marxist some mannequins already have nipples, strangely enough,

stranger still, they're erect

department stores can be surreal places sometimes
distorted tendencies mannequin sex 020916
somebody She was wearing a bikini and some one had pulled the bottom half down.

Even though it made me highly uncomphy I couldn’t stop looking, she was indecent, exposed! She wasn’t real she was only a mannequin yet some how I felt that she felt ashamed and helpless. I wish I had had the guts to pull the bottom half of her bikini back up.
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