Adriana I don't know what's happening to me. And I don't mean that in a bad way. I don't even mean it in regards to my "real life."

I don't know what's happening to me in relation to this place.

I used to be pralines&cream, then I became Bespeckled. And now, who am I?

What has my identity become in this world? If I don't post for months, do I fade to nothing like foam? What have I become in the memory of this ocean, and what is happening to me?

Who am I here?
Death of a Rose Is this a rhetorical question?

Or do you really desire an answer.
tourist Silently Spoken Truths
Hang Frozen in the Air.
This Is The New Archive.
The Catch Basin of the Collective.
Mine the Date Index and Know,
Nothing Is Ever Dead Down Here,
Just a Little Tired.
bird always happy to see the tourist tripping through the blue shores again. 040130
Adriana DOAR,

Does anybody really expect the message in the bottle to be answered? I supposed that's what it's like throwing a question like this out into the blue blather waves.

No answer every expected.

But how thrilling if one were to actually be received.
Death of a Rose acutally pralines&cream/bespeckled/adriana I wasn't actually prepared to give you an answer. but hey thanks for typing my name in all caps.

u24 you know, I had no idea pralines&cream and bespeckled where one in the same.

and we are all made immortal through blather. until blather stops. which will never happen. any protests to the contrary will be met by me putting my fingers in my ears and yelling 'lalalalallaallalalalalallala' until I see your mouth stop moving.
Death of a Rose it works better if you just make them unconcious. you pick the method. plus you'll have gotten some exercise and be a happier, well adjusted bipedal mammal. 040318
tourist The recent Crash has apparently left All Previous Blathes Unreadable unless specificaly Reactivated by ReBlathing.
If I Can't Remember Them I Won't See Them Anymore. It's Like Some Kind Of Cyber Alzhiemers Or Something.
I Really Miss Being Able To Flip Back Through Time And See Where Things Came From. I Hope It's All Just A Passing Glitch
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