~gez~ smell of sausages and speak like pigs, its teachers are indignant and blah blah [rhyme word] 020809
Aimee are you speaking of the WWII generation of germans or common day? If it's the latter, you really should try to get over there, your opinion will be greatly altered 020809
Jennifer Bethke Being German (and daring to be proud of that fact) comes with lots of historic baggage. It often happens that Germans are the victims of cultural stereotyping and misconceptions. The tragic events during the reign of the Third Reich and the aftermath of World War II continue to color peopleís perceptions of a culture that has given the word not only Hitler, Bismarck, and Dr. Mengele, but also Goethe, Nietzsche, and Freud. People today are too quick to judge many Germans who werenít even born until after the war was over. I was never personally responsible for any anti-Semitic remarks, thoughts, or actions; so, why should I be punished for crimes committed in the past?
Ignorance, prejudice, and close-mindedness have always been my biggest pet peeves; I think, perhaps, this is part of the instinctual German self-protection programming?
chiselmouth Love the musik... gimme a pissed-off German with a synthesizer over a mopey flannel-wearing American with an Ibanez any day. 040113
time_warp i'm with chiselmouth. no one can make music that sounds like a grain thresher being dropped repeatedly on a group of cats in heat quite like them germans. um, that's a good thing. thought i should clarify. 040113
Amerikanerin A French accent is just the thing for sleazy pick-up lines.

An English accent goes splendidly with dry humor.

But for whining like a little baaaaaby, nothing beats a German accent!

(But my German boyfriend says "We don't whine like little baaabys, we whiiine liiiike ... grown men!")

Seriously, die Deutschen take pessimism and anxiety to the level of a fine art...
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