ClairE Ah, Elijah.


You are too true.
Your car
and our walks
and the night--
like the waves.

Words are getting in the way here
only because I pried them out of you
like taffy.
silentbob he played huck finn, frodo baggins, the good son, and..uhh.. a lot of other cool characters. 011127
whoknows would be much better looking if it werent for his voice 011127
Annie111 The E-man. A good friend of mine. He is very steady. He is so rational and sane. Which is the best we can hope for in this crazy, mixed up world. 011127
ClairE see e_man 011127
ClairE Oh, imagine him trying to use blather. That fucker.

He might actually turn profound. I once read a poem of his about Maine.

He doesn't really like to write.

He still fascinates me.
Annie111 writing poems?

Damn. That image doesn't rest well with me. Ha ha. The e_man writing poems.
hellel ben sahar the biblical prophet literally kidnapped into heaven by angels 011128
Annie111 one day, we were getting pizza, and meredith's annoying brother ryan was like, "who are you taking to prom, annie." And I said, "i don't know yet." And he said, "you should take elijah." And i said, "why?" and ryan said, "so you can take him to the ocean, and place a cup on the table, and say, 'elijah has come' just like in passover."

And I didn't really understand. My Elijah is not a prophet. It was funny though, because Ryan is a dork, and we always make fun of him. i told elijah and he thought it was weird as well.

oh well.
ClairE All of a sudden I miss you,
as though the voice is taken out of my throat,
and I know you wouldn't even have anything to say to that,
or even care that you didn't.
ClairE when the weather is fine, I miss him. 011201

I complain and complain that you don't write, but when you do, it throws me into a horrible mood for the rest of the day.

Well, fifteen pages to write today, you_fucker.
ClairE We are better as friends, but that doesn't mean we were bad at all in bed together.

Drive me around and we'll look at the moon and it's like we never fought at all.
what's it to you?
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