me? i didn't say it would be *safe*, did i?
after all, its more fun this way.
amy the Neverending Story is not a "safe" book, so says the bookseller. 000201
nameless I just LOVE that movie, I'm gonna read the book too. Atreyu is really hot... but the story's amazing anyway 000414
peyton there's a danger in loving somebody too much

and its sad when you know

its your heart

they can't touch

- Don Henley
vegas look out baby 031203
randomperson danger litte robinson 040208
randomperson little, too. 040208
nighean_siofra It's the Danger I like
the thrill of not knowing
like jumping from a waterfall
with the wind whipping past
no notion of what lies below
I've never felt more alive
never laughed so recklessly
'My life's in your hands,'
I scream out to the world,
'do what you will'!

I don't care anymore
i just want to be free
skimmer i might drop to the bottom of your ocean 041011
f i kiss like ...

like ....


could not explain - you could no imagine.

i kiss like ....

i'm so so in Love with you

even after all these years

my kiss is only for you.
jesejmes The most dangerous thing is life itself. The decisions we make, no matter what they are, we're always putting ourselves in a position of danger. Some more than others, but its the thrill of everything that entraps us. Live on the edge, go out, get wild. Take your chances, put yourself in danger. You can't do anything to stop it, so to everyone, stop trying. Don't put a tight grip on anyone, don't try to protect them. We all are in danger, live it, love it. 050331
brynn i just realized while you were having check in time that friday is dustin's opening and rebecca, kh, and i are going. i also realized that al is showing with dustin. dina, and everyone else, is going to be there. holy crap. 050518
Anagram Danger! Red nag! 060714
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