mad madame mim SCENE VI: Will's Apartment
(WILL and ANDY are sitting at the table, eating,
having a glass of wine and talking.)

ANDY: The last guy I went out with wasn't a
fix-up. He was more of a fixer-upper. I used to
call him "This Old Boyfriend."

GRACE: [ENTERING] Hi. Andy, Will, I'm sorry to
bother you. [TO WILL] My latch, it's stuck. Can
you do that trick you do to unstick it? You know,
the whack, the bang, and the

WILL: [TO ANDY] I'm really sorry you had to hear

ANDY: That's ok.


WILL: Whack, bang, wiggle-wiggle?

GRACE: It was code.

WILL: For what? I'm 12?

GRACE: You sold me out.

WILL: Grace, go to bed. You've obviously had a
very busy day of crazy.

GRACE: No, I don't think so. You were supposed to
be proving a point to my mother, not selfishly
sharing a nice evening with someone. This
completely flies in the face of my master plan!

WILL: Master plan? What are you, Simon Bar
Sinister? Grace, I like him.

GRACE: Well, cut it out! Will, you don't even
know him. For your information, he sucked at
tether ball. Yeah! Uh-huh! He showered in his
underwear, and he once barfed s'mores all over
the lodge. But no! Will has to go and find his
good side. When did you get to be so spiteful?

WILL: Guess what. This isn't about you. This is
about me. And if you have a problem with that,
then it's something you should take up with your
pharmacist. I'm going back to my apartment, have
a glass of wine, some nice conversation, and
perhaps, if all goes well, a little whack, bang,
wiggle-wiggle. Good night.
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Barrett "Damn Jimmy, this is some good coffee!" 001013
Boogaloo Wish I could code. 001026
startfires 45 elp o634 @333 fifteen #6604296539 001026
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roller code/decode codec codex 021018
dafremen Witness the dawn of the first microcomputer generation's middle age:

"Yea, well I don't care how new your PC is, my Commodore 64 booted faster!"
epitome_of_incomprehensibility "O, Draconian devil!
Oh, lame saint!"
And now that I've got that out of my system, we can proceed more rationally.
With (-1^1/2)/0% accuracy.
=split rational to the infinite power
Math is my forte
but words are my piano
math//music: sine wave function
parallel, parallel, parallel
what's it to you?
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