le_buda_nagot consider the icy blue sharp razor of logic or any other reason whatsoever and so forth un so weiter. in a specifin and unconditional paraphernalia you can cause a Leviathan out of a primal civilization to bring out the Devil in disguise and Hail Satan in person as you ultimate saviour, while Jim Jones is your sucking b itch and avoiding profanity like a preponderant condition that implies the uses of a Russian grammar just to say Da. are you worthless of a hug? who? me? no, i am just addicted in anphetamines, cocaine, valium, and 100% natural orange juice made out on the spot with fresh oranges taken right out from my fridge as a annual reap. may the pagan gods of fertility bless my beloved electric utility devide, compliant with fcc rules and not violating the patriot act or any other fascist laws imposed by neanderthal creatures who think they're the ultimate solution for the world's problems. attica! remember attica!
atti-ca! atti-ca! i am tony montana and i am the supreme priest of myself. i am just a fucker and believe me, no one can love you or hate you just like i do, and you know what? cuz i'm a fuckin human being just like yourself. are you afraid of your own face in the mirror? ok let's play the sickiest dude around.

i am crazy i have no TV and i don't watch the sopranos. i love a girl called janine and i'm overweight. i love bacon and cigarettes and beer and internet and making love to my babe. i work six days a week and i have no problems with my tax deductions or estate or health insurance plan. suiot your goddamn self and sit down. so shut up and tell me what the hell you want. as i lose time writing shit you lose time reading crap. go get life cuz it's very likely that this will be the last merde i write here you bastard. i love you Me, be well, son.

it's a bundle of joy.
le_buda_nagot y'should not use drugs... drugs are bad... mkay? 060322
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