erin the popsicle i couldn't stand another hour of daylight 010823
sweetheart of the song tra bong It's the only time I go outside. 010824
translucent Night is nice. Cool, warm, whatever. No stupid sun to hurt my retinas and no stupid UV rays to burn my pale skin. 010824
sabbie bring on the night,
i cant stand another hour of this day.
bring on the morning,
i cant stand another minute of tonight.
bring on next week,
i cant stand this week anymore.
bring on next month,
i cant stand another second of this month.

bring on March,
i dont want to be here anymore.
nemo i cant sleep anyways so why not 011204
the police LIVE! bring it on, bring it on... 020722
jane seriously...

let my friend/lover/not-boyfriend
sneak into my window

or better yet, i sneak out and we drive all the way to vacaville and then come back and sneak in the window.

let me not sleep alone again, even though i am doomed to with all of my guilt
i'm sorry

leave the night behind, because then there are no regrets
daxle where are you, jane? 020723
ever dumbening yeah--vacaville? i could be sneaking into your window in under an hour. 020724
daxle I could be sneaking in less than half an hour! mwahaha! 020724
phil today 020729
jane i'm in davis 020803
jane where are you guys? 020803
daxle previously davis (the innards of my vam are still there), now san francisco 020822
jane hey i think i might be going to san_francisco at the end of next year 020823
sylvia plath i crawled back into bed and pulled the sheet over my head. but even that didn't shut out the light, so i buried my head under the darkness of the pillow and pretended it was night. i couldn't see the point of getting up.
i had nothing to look forward to.
oren There are friends to meet.
Drinks, music, dancing, laughter,
So bring on_the night!
nom sing in the light 060327
Ouroboros take it back 060406
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